Turkey Protein Burger Wraps

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Our Turkey Protein Burger Wraps are a delicious and protein-packed meal which you can prepare in a flash. With minimal ingredients and preparations, you can serve the family in no time, ideal for parent on-the-go or someone who has little time to prepare a wholesome meal. Say goodbye to those fast-food drive-thrus, these scrumptious wraps are just as quick and convenient, plus they are a lot healthier too.


1 Steggles Turkey Rissole
1 Better for you Low Carb Wrap – Mini
Tasteless Protein by Feel Good Protein
Rocket, Carrot grated & grated Cheese
Praise 99% Fat Free Mayo
Taco Seasoning *optional


First thing, pre-heat a non stick pan.

Then, press one rissole over the surface of your wrap of choice. We used Simpsons Pantry ‘ Better For You ‘ Mini Keto Wraps.

Place the wrap onto your pre-heated non-stick pan, meat side down and allow to cook for one or two minutes. Flip the wrap over, turn the pan off and cover with a lid for 2 minutes to allow the base to crisp and the mince to be thoroughly cooked through.

Into a small bowl, place 2 tablespoons of 99% Fat Free Mayo.

Add in 1 scoop of Tasteless protein then add in taco seasoning if desired and mix until combined.

Place salad elements and cheese onto the top of your wrap and then use the protein dressing to drizzle all over the top.

Enjoy the deliciousness of our Turkey Protein Burger Wraps straight away or take them away for lunch.


Calories – 299
Carbs – 17g
Protein – 34g
Fat – 12g

All Ingredients
Keto Wraps
Sauce Poured on the Wrap and Patty
All Ingredients Poured
Holding the Turkey Protein Burger Wraps
Tasteless Protein and 2 Turkey Protein Burger Wraps
Tasteless Protein Used For Turkey Protein Burger Wraps
Turkey Protein Burger Wraps on Container Box