Birdseye Fish Cakes with Tasteless Protein

Birdseye Fish Cakes with Tasteless Protein

Add extra protein to your fish for lunch or dinner by making Birdseye Fish Cakes with Tasteless Protein!

This recipe shows how easy it is to add Tasteless Protein to almost anything to give yourself an extra protein kick to ensure you’re meeting your targets for the day! Best thing yet is you can receive all the health benefits of our Tasteless Protein at the same time.


2 Birdseye Steamfresh Thai Red Curry FishFillets
3/4 cup flour
1 egg
3 Scoops Tasteless Protein
½ cup cheese
Salt and Pepper ½ teaspoon each
Mini Bocconcini for each fish cake (Optional)


Cook Birdseye Fish Fillets according to the instructions on the box and then blend in nutribullet with the liquid from the packet.

Place into bowl and add all of the other ingredients except the optional bocconcini.

Mix until everything is well combined.

Form Fish Cakes into balls and add a bocconcini ball to each if desired.

Cook in air fryer on 180 for 16 minutes or until golden brown or in the oven on 180 fan, for 25 minutes or until golden.


Makes 8
Calories per serve 135
Fat 4 grams
Carbs 11 grams
Protein 15 grams

Fish cakes with Tasteless Protein ingredients
Fish cakes served
Fish cakes close up