Cheese and Bacon Pinwheels

Cheese and Bacon Pinwheels With Tasteless Protein

Cheese and bacon pinwheels are such a fun and delicious option whether they are an appetiser or a lunch box snack!

What we love about this recipe is that you can change it up to suit yourself and your personal likes and requirements. There are so many possible variations but this is the one that we have used to achieve the results pictured. You can use so many different types of dough to make this recipe. We have used filo to get a lovely crunch and it is a great, light option.


Filo Pastry – as many sheets as you would like to use. We recommend at least 3 layers.
2 tablespoons of Butter
Your favourite Tomato or BBQ Sauce
Tasteless Protein by Feel Good Protein
1 Cup of Onion
½ a punnet of grape tomatoes
4-5 slices of ham, bacon, turkey or chicken
2 cups of Cheese
Sesame Seeds (optional)


Finely chop your onion and cook it in a pan until it is translucent and fragrant and set aside while you work on bringing the pastry layers together.

Lie two sheets of filo pastry on a piece of grease proof paper side by side with as light overlap in the middle. Use a pastry brush or your clean, washed finger to run some butter down the seam where the two sheets of pastry meet. Run butter around the edges and then add two more sheets to the top of these and repeat the process until you have 3 – 5 layers.

Once your layers are nicely buttered together as shown in the video, spread your favourite sauce thinly over the base, leaving a 2 cm gap around the perimeter of the pastry. We add Tasteless Protein and Brown Sugar to our sauce for a kick of protein and some caramel sweetness.

Add all of your toppings, spreading evenly and finish with a generous sprinkle of cheese.

Now for the fun part! Roll up your pastry into a log (see the video if you are unsure how to do this) making sure that you fold the sides in as you go to keep all of your filling in!

Seal the log with a little more butter or milk.

Cut your wheels and place them on a tray to bake.

Spray lightly with cooking oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds prior to placing them into the oven.

Bake in a 170 degree oven for around 20 minutes.

Remove from oven when your fillings have melted together and your pastry is beautifully crisp! Enjoy.

Pinwheel ingredients
Cheese and Bacon Pinwheels
Cheese and Bacon Pinwheels with Tasteless Protein
Cheese and bacon pinwheels