Cheesecake Protein Balls

Cheesecake Protein Balls

Protein balls are such a great snack and an easy way to head towards those important protein goals that you might be aiming for. Not only that, these protein balls are nut free, date free and taste incredible!


1 package of light Phillidelphia Cream Cheese
6 scoops of Tasteless Protein
2 Scoops of Tasteless Fibre
1 Packet Lemon Lime Feel Good Protein Jelly

For coating: desiccated coconut or jelly crystals


In a large bowl mix place the Cream Cheese and mix it with a hand mixer.

Add in the rest of the powder ingredients including the Tasteless Protein, Tasteless Fibre, and Protein Jelly and continue to mix.

Place this mixture into the fridge for 10 minutes and then remove and roll into balls.

Roll each ball in either desiccated coconut or jelly crystals.

Store this in the refrigerator and enjoy!


CALORIES per ball (recipe makes 16) 55 calories
CARBS 2 grams
FAT 2 grams
PROTEIN 6 grams

Cheesecake protein balls ingredients
Cheesecake protein balls with Tasteless Protein, Tasteless Fibre, and Protein Jelly