Mini Capsicums with Super Chicken Salad

Mini Capsicums with Super Chicken Salad and Tasteless Protein

Chicken salad is perfect for lunches! You can eat it on its own, as a sandwich filling, on wraps, in taco boats or with some delicious and seriously crunchy mini capsicums! Here is our Mini Capsicums with Super Chicken Salad recipe!

Wonder how to make your chicken hold ‘extra’ protein with Tasteless Protein? Check out how we’ve added it easily into the dressing! 😄


For the Salad
1 Punnett Baby Capsicums sliced in half and seeded
1 Chicken thigh that has been pre-cooked and cut into cubes
¼ of a Cucumber
3 Baby Cos Lettuce Leaves
½ a Punnett of Baby Tomatoes

½ cup Greek Yoghurt
1 teaspoon Honey
2 tablespoons lime juice
3 small gherkins chopped finely
2 scoops of Tasteless Protein Powder
Salt and Pepper to Taste


Cut mini Capsicums in half and remove the seeds.
Cube one pre-cooked chicken thigh.
Slice and cube 1/4 of a cucumber.
Finely chop Cos lettuce.
Cut Cherry Tomatoes into quarters
Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and prepare the dressing.
Add Gherkins to the other ingredients in the bowl along with the honey.
Add lime juice to the tasteless protein powder and then pour the greek yoghurt into this mixture and mix it until the Tasteless Protein Powder is well combined.
Pour this onto your salad and mix it through.
Add salt and pepper to your taste.
Fill the mini capsicum halves with your Chicken Salad mix and enjoy!


This recipe made 16 mini capsicums.

33 calories per serve, (there are 2 serves per mini capsicum)
2 grams of carbs,
4 grams of protein
and 1 gram of fat.

Super Chicken salad