Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree and Tasteless Protein

If you’re looking to entertain and WOW your guests, look no further than our… Oh, Christmas Tree! This absolutely stunning Christmas centrepiece needs no introduction – it’s a fabulous feast for the eyes as well as the mouths and tummies! Let’s dive straight in!

Ingredients for Oh Christmas Tree

2 packets of Lite Philly Cheese
700g of Cheddar Cheese
100g of parmesan
6 Scoops of Tasteless Protein by Feel Good Protein
2 tbsp Greek Garlic Lovers Mingle

2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp Mingle BBQ Sauce
1 bunch of flat leaf Parsley
1 breadstick
3 tbsp pomegranate
Tiny tomatoes
Mint leaves
Pretzel sticks
Rice crackers

Method for Oh Christmas Tree

In a large bowl combine the cream cheese (room temperature), cheddar cheese, Tasteless Protein by Feel Good Protein and the Mingle Seasoning and Sauce.

Mix all ingredients until everything is combined and then get ready to assemble your tree!

On the board/plate that you intend to serve your Christmas Tree, start building up a layer of the cream cheese mixture using bread stick as the frame to help build up the shape. This will form the structure for your cheesy tree!

Build up layers around the bread stick to form a tree shape and then decorate with finely chopped parsley, dried orange segments, pretzels, pomegranate and whatever tickles your fancy!

This dip tree is an absolute show stopper!

Oh Christmas Tree Ingredients
Tasteless Protein Inside the Mixture
Parsley Chopped
Christmas Tree with Parsley
Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree with Decorations Around
Tasteless Protein infront of Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree from Above
Tasteless Protein on a Carriage