No Bake Oat Berry Breakfast Bites

No bake oats berry breakfast bites with Tasteless Protein and Feel Good Shake

After a grab and go breakfast that packs a powerful protein punch that will keep you going for hours? Try these No Bake Oat Berry Breakfast Bites!


Pie Cases
1 and ¼ cup of Quick Oats
½ cup Boiling Water
1 Strawberry Feel Good Shake
4 scoops of Tasteless Protein
½ cup water
2 tablespoons of PPB without extra water

10 raspberries for filling Plus 6 raspberries to decorate
3 large strawberries
2 tablespoons Truvia for Baking Caster Sugar
2 scoops Tasteless Protein

50 grams of Noshu Choc Chips
1 tablespoon coconut oil


Spray a muffin pan with your favourite oil and set to the side.

To a mixing bowl add the Quick Oats and boiling water and allow to combine.

Pour in the Strawberry Feel Good Shake, Tasteless Protein Powder and nut butter and mix thoroughly until everything is well incorporated.

Spoon this mixture into the greased muffin pan and press the filling into each pan, leaving a well in the centre.

Place the filled muffin pan into the freezer while you make your filling.

To make filling pour 10 raspberries into a bowl and mash lightly with a fork.

Cut strawberries into quarters and add to the bowl with the raspberries.

Add Tasteless Protein to the berry mixture and stir until the powder is incorporated then sprinkle with No Sugar Caster Sugar.

Remove the muffin pan from the freezer and spoon the berry filling into each pie shell.

Top with melted Noshu Chocolate combined with Coconut oil if desired or top with a sprinkle of granola and enjoy!!

Refrigerate in an air tight container and use within 2 days.

Note: Aside from the time the bases spend in the freezer, this recipe does not freeze well. Keep in an airtight container in the fridge.


CALORIES Per Pie 326
CARBS 34 grams
PROTEIN 25 grams
FAT 11 grams

No Bake oats berry breakfast bites
No Bake oat berry breakfast bites with Tasteless Protein and Feel Good Shake