Red Velvet Feel Good Bars

Red Velvet Feel Good Bars made with Tasteless Protein and Feel Good Shake

If you love red velvet, then these protein bars might become a welcome addition to your weekly snack rotation! These Red Velvet Feel Good Bars are not too sweet and have a very squishy protein bar texture. These beautifully vibrant bars are ones that you will love to make again and again. 😍

Feel Good Protein Churros

Feel Good Protein Churros

We love that our VLCD meal replacement shake, Feel Good Shake, is so versatile and can be made into a lot of different recipes! Grab a churro maker and make these Protein Churros that the whole family will love. Add Tasteless Protein in for an easy way to increase your protein intake. Ingredients 2 cups […]

Halloween Green Eyeball Soup

Protein Eyeballs in Custard

How about some 👀🟢Green Eyeball Soup for dessert?! 😂 TRANSLATION: Halloween Protein Balls in Custard! Our recipe below describes how to make these fantastic eyeball protein balls with our Tasteless Protein and Feel Good Shake. The balls are green on the outside and purple on the inside to make them extra spooky! Once your protein […]