Strawberry Overnight Weetbix

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Our Strawberry Overnight Weetbix is a healthy, filling breakfast you can easily make ahead for busy mornings. We incorporated our Feel Good Shake and Tasteless Whey to boost your nutrient needs and fuel your day. The toppings of this recipe are customistable; you can have a different breakfast every day!


1 Strawberry Feel Good Shake
160g tub of Strawberry Yopro
2 Weetbix
1 scoop of Tasteless Whey by Feel Good Protein
1/2 cup of almond milk (or whatever milk you prefer to use)
4 fresh strawberries
150 ml water
Pulp from 2 passionfruit or tinned passionfruit pulp if that is more readily available
Sweet Freedom Raspberry Flavoured Syrup or Sugar Free Maple Syrup


1. First, crush your Weetbix and pour 1 scoop of Tasteless Whey over the top.

2. Then, add 1/2 cup almond milk (or whatever milk you prefer to use) to the top of the mixture and allow it soak in.

3. Divide the mixture between two glasses.  (We used Martini Glasses from House.)

4. Make the cheesecake topping for the Weetbix; add 1 Feel Good Shake Sachet to a bowl and mix with approximately 150 ml of water.

5. Once you have a thick batter consistency, add one small tub of Strawberry Yopro to the bowl and mix together.

6. Finely slice a strawberry and layer it on top of the Weetbix layer in the glass.

7. Place the strawberry yoghurt mixture on top of the strawberry and Weetbix layer in the Martini Glasses.

8. Top with your desired toppings.  For this recipe, we used passionfruit and a strawberry and a swirl of Sweet Freedom Raspberry Flavoured Syrup. 

Ideally, make the Strawberry Overnight Weetbix the night before so you can enjoy it first thing in the morning hassle-free.


Total weight of recipe is 402 g. This recipe makes 2 serves.

Each serve:
Protein – 30 g
Fat – 3 g
Carbs – 28 g
Calories – 263

Strawberry Overnight Weetbix Ingredients
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Feel Good Shake With Strawberry Overnight Weetbix
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