Tiny Christmas Bites

Tiny Christmas Bites with Tasteless Protein

Mini Vol-au-vents make a highly versatile snack for any time of the year! Try these Tiny Christmas Bites that are perfect for tiny tummies, but packed with protein in the filling.

You can let your imagination run wild and fill these tiny little pastry cases with whatever your heart desires. Sweet and savory options both work, but today we have made a lower fat, but high protein savory filling.


Mini Vol-au-vents (ours came from Coles)
½ cup Light Ricotta Cheese
1 Tbsp of your favourite flavouring. We used La Bastide Terrine from Aldi
2 scoops Tasteless Protein
1 punnet tiny tomatoes
¼ cup Three Cheese Mix
Salt and Pepper to your taste


Pre Heat Air Fryer to 230 and set to Grill/Broil.

Mix Ricotta, your favourite flavouring, two scoops of Tasteless by Feel Good Protein and Salt and Pepper to taste, well until everything is beautifully combined.

Fill your mini Vol-au-vents until the mixture is just touching the top.

Top each Vol-au-vents with one little tiny tomato and then with a little cheese.

Grill for 3 – 5 minutes but watch them to ensure that your level of golden goodness is achieved.



Calories per Vol-au-vent: approximately 55
Carbs 3 grams
Protein 2 grams
Fat 4 grams

Tiny Christmas Bites ingredients
Filling vol-au-vents
Tiny Christmas vol-au-vents
Tiny Christmas Bites with Tasteless Protein